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Title: Two methods for optical flow estimation (English)
Author: Frolkovič, Peter
Author: Kleinová, Viera
Language: English
Journal: Proceedings of Equadiff 14
Volume: Conference on Differential Equations and Their Applications, Bratislava, July 24-28, 2017
Issue: 2017
Pages: 331-340
Category: math
Summary: In this paper we describe two methods for optical flow estimation between two images. Both methods are based on the backward tracking of characteristics for advection equation and the difference is on the choice of advection vector field. We present numerical experiments on 2D data of cell nucleus. (English)
Keyword: Optical flow, advection equation, level-set motion, characteristic curves
MSC: 35L45
MSC: 65M25
MSC: 68U10
Date available: 2019-09-27T08:18:52Z
Last updated: 2019-09-27
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