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Seminar Uniform Spaces

Editor: Frolík, Zdeněk
Organized by: Matematický ústav ČSAV v Praze
Venue: Praha, 1973

Table of Contents

[1a] Front matter.  
[1b] Contents.  
1-2 Introduction.  Frolík, Zdeněk
3-26 Three technical tools in uniform spaces.  Frolík, Zdeněk
27-72 Four functors into paved spaces.  Frolík, Zdeněk
73-81 Atoms in uniformities.  Pelant, Jan; Reiterman, Jiří
83-111 Categorial refinements and their relation to reflective subcategories.  Vilímovský, Jiří
113-126 Reflective and coreflective subcategories of Unif (and Top).  Hušek, Miroslav
127-137 Fine and simply fine uniform spaces.  Kůrková-Pohlová, Věra
139-143 Fineness in the category of all 0-dimensional uniform spaces.  Rödl, Vojtěch
145-147 One folkloristic lemma on cardinal reflections in Unif.  Pelant, Jan
149-158 Cardinal reflections and point-character of uniformities – counterexamples.  Pelant, Jan
159-171 Concerning products of proximally fine uniform spaces.  Kůrková-Pohlová, Věra
173-190 Factorization of mappings (products of proximally fine spaces).  Hušek, Miroslav
191-194 A lemma on finite-dimensional covers.  Hejcman, Jan
195-200 Dimensions and partitions of unity.  Hejcman, Jan
201-216 $\ell_1$-partitions of unity on normed spaces.  Zahradník, Miloš
217-231 Intrinsic characterization of distal spaces.  Kosina, M.; Pták, P.
233-234 Inversion-closed space has Daniell property.  Zahradník, Miloš
235-240 Reflections not preserving completeness.  Pelant, Jan
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