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woven fabric patterns; isonemality; mononemality
The paper studies the diagrams of woven fabrics consisting of white and black squares as geometrical objects and described their symmetries. The concepts of isonemality and mononemality due to B. Grünbaum and G. C. Shephard are used. A conjecture of these authors is proved in a particular case.
[1] J. Čapek: Basic bindings of fabrics and their derivates. (Czech). SNTL Praha 1977.
[2] B. Grünbaum G. C. Shephard: Satins and Twills: An Introduction to the Geometry of Fabrics. Math. Magazine 53 (1980), 139-161. DOI 10.1080/0025570X.1980.11976845 | MR 0600071
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