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Issue 1,  Volume 29, 1988 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-12 On chromatic number of product of graphs.  Soukup, Lajos
13-29 On some convexities of Orlicz and Orlicz-Bochner spaces.  Chen, S.; Hudzik, Henryk
31-39 Adequate families of sets and function spaces.  Leiderman, A. G.
41-48 Definability degrees for classes in the alternative set theory.  Tzouvaras, Athanossios
49-61 On the decomposition of continuous flows on the Polish space.  Krutina, Miroslav
63-71 A note on the Dirichlet problem for the elliptic linear operator in Sobolev spaces with weight $d^\epsilon_M$.  Nekvinda, Aleš; Pick, Luboš
73-78 A new way to find compact zero-dimensional first countable preimages of first countable compact spaces.  Tkačuk, V. V.
79-83 Perfect codes in regular graphs.  Dvořáková-Rulićová, I.
85-95 Hercules and Hydra.  Loebl, Martin
97-102 More on set-theoretic characteristics of summability of sequences by regular (Toeplitz) matrices.  Vojtáš, Peter
103-116 Linear functionals on some non-locally convex generalized Orlicz spaces.  Płuciennik, Ryszard; Wisła, Marek
117-125 On the basic representation of the affine Kac-Moody Lie algebras $D_n^{(1)}$.  Vougiouklis, Thomas N.
127-141 Generalization of the Girsanov theorem.  Skokan, Václav
143-156 Reducibilities of sets based on constructive functions of a real variable.  Demuth, Osvald
157-167 On Carathéodory's and Krein-Milman's theorems in fully ordered groups.  Helbig, Siegfried
169-177 Comparison of subset systems.  Nelson, Evelyn; Adámek, Jiří; Jung, A.; Reiterman, Jan; Tarlecki, Andrzej
179-193 Blow up above stationary solutions of certain nonlinear parabolic equations.  Fila, Marek; Filo, Ján
195 Maximum rank of a power of a matrix of a given pattern.  Poljak, Svatopluk
195-196 Ordinal types in Ramsey theory and well-partial-ordering theory.  Kříž, Igor; Thomas, Robin
197 The coercitivity of elliptic sesquilinear forms on the Sobolev spaces $[W_2^(s)(\Omega)]^M$ [Abstract of thesis].  Vu, Van Khuong
197 Generalized L-splines and the multi-point boundary value problem [Abstract of thesis].  Simerská, Carmen
197-198 On a class of torsionfree Abelian groups [Abstract of thesis].  Hora, Jaroslav
198 Nets satisfying the quadrangle condition [Abstract of thesis].  Baštinec, Jaromír
198-199 Numerical solutions of cascade flows by finite element method [Abstract of thesis].  Felcman, Jiří
199 Spectral analysis of variational inequalities [Abstract of thesis].  Quittner, Pavol
200 Differentiation of integrals [Abstract of thesis].  Tišer, Jaroslav
200 Iterative methods for the numerical solution of the boundary value problem of elasticity [Abstract of thesis].  Blahata, R.
200-201 Discrete time loss systems and stochastic approximation with delayed observations [Abstract of thesis].  Ebrahim, Mahmoud Ahmed M.
201 Time series with random parameters [Abstract of thesis].  Koubková, Alena
202 Random sets and their intersections [Abstract of thesis].  Straka, František
202 Construction of countable ternary rings of suitable types [Abstract of thesis].  Sedlář, Vladimír
202-203 Some algebraic models for differential geometry of second order [Abstract of thesis].  Vanžurová, Alena
203 Shortening of the universal class in the alternative set theory [Abstract of thesis].  Zmeškalová, Eva
203-204 The solution of some max-separable optimization problems [Abstract of thesis].  Jajou, Amer F.
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