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Issue 1,  Volume 30, 1989 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-15 A generalized Hankel transformation.  Betancor, Jorge J.
17-21 Oscillatory properties of second order linear differential equations in the complex domain.  Čadek, Martin
23-31 Asymptotic rate of a flow.  Krutina, Miroslav
33-43 Nowhere continuous solutions to elliptic systems.  John, Oldřich; Malý, Jan; Stará, Jana
45-55 Some new results on accretive multivalued operators.  Veselý, Libor
57-70 Application of Rothe's method to evolution integrodifferential systems.  Slodička, Marián
71-73 Planarity thresholds for two types of random subgraphs of the $n$-cube.  Mahrhold, Karin; Weber, Karl
75-80 Hereditary $\kappa$-separability and the hereditary $\kappa$-Lindelöf property in function spaces.  Johnson, Roy A.; Wajch, Eliza; Wilczyński, Władysław
81-83 On rectangular covers of $X^2\setminus \Delta$.  Kombarov, Anatoli P.
85-88 A note to a theorem by K. Sekigawa.  Kowalski, Oldřich
89-94 Autohomeomorphism groups of spaces with unique non-isolated point.  Miškin, V.
95-99 Some remarks on preservation of topological products.  Stramaccia, Luciano
101-107 On paracompact locales and metric locales.  Sun, Shu Hao
109-119 Monads of indiscernibles.  Čuda, Karel; Vojtášková, Blanka
121-128 A sequential approach to a construction of measures.  Kalina, Martin
129-136 Cuts of real classes.  Kalina, Martin; Zlatoš, Pavol
137-140 Speed-up for propositional Frege systems via generalizations of proofs.  Krajíček, Jan
141-154 Combinatoric properties of classes in AST.  Mlček, Josef
155-161 Constructions of classes by transfinite induction in AST.  Sochor, Antonín; Vopěnka, Petr
163-173 Simple motions.  Tzouvaras, Athanossios
175-187 Correspondence between interval $\pi$-equivalences and $Sd$-functions.  Witzany, Jiří
189 Correction to the paper: “Some factorization theorems for paracompact $\sigma$-spaces”.  Bregman, Jurij H.
191 Coherence implies congruence-regularity (a local version).  Duda, Jaromír
191 Finite element approximation of nonlinear elliptic problems with discontinuous coefficients.  Feistauer, Miloslav; Sobotíková, Veronika
192 Three-linking in Eulerian digraphs.  Ibaraki, Toshihide; Poljak, Svatopluk
193-194 Perfect codes in graphs and their Cartesian powers [Abstract of thesis].  Kratochvíl, Jan
194-195 Abstract analysis of Korovkin approximation theory [Abstract of thesis].  Nosálová, A.
195 The proposal for the modern teaching bulk data processing at secondary school [Abstract of thesis].  Kašpar, Jan
196 Convergence of stochastic processes [Abstract of thesis].  Lachout, Petr
196-197 Confidence bands for spectral characteristics [Abstract of thesis].  Tomášek, Ladislav
197-198 Two new proof techniques for investigating the computational power of two-way computing devices [Abstract of thesis].  Ďuriš, Pavol
198-199 Alternative mathematical model of the natural language semantics using first-order fuzzy logic [Abstract of thesis].  Novák, Vladimír
199 Representations of flows and generalized Rudolph's theorem [Abstract of thesis].  Krutina, Miroslav
199-200 Application of the factorization theorem for Stone algebras in locales [Abstract of thesis].  Kříž, Igor
200 Algebraic and combinatorial properties of products [Abstract of thesis].  Puš, Vladimír
201 Decidability questions for some dynamic properties of Petri nets [Abstract of thesis].  Jančar, Petr
201 Selfgenerating sequences and different types of computational devices [Abstract of thesis].  Kršňáková, Jana
202 The problems of complexity of almost context-free languages [Abstract of thesis].  Ngoc, N. V.
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