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Issue 2,  Volume 36, 1986 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

167-171 Graphs whose energy does not exceed 3.  Torgašev, Aleksandar
172-176 Every graph is an induced isopart of a circulant.  Fink, John Frederick; Ruiz, Sergio
177-179 Summable subsequences in convergence groups.  Swartz, Charles
180-184 Primary factorization in semigroups.  Johnson, E. W.
185-197 On some class of quasilinear hyperbolic systems of partial differential-functional equations of the first order.  Turo, Jan
198-209 Integration of vector-valued functions with respect to an operator-valued measure.  Roy, S. K.; Chakraborty, N. D.
210-222 Evolution operators for higher order abstract parabolic equations.  Obrecht, Enrico
223-231 Oscillatory properties of solutions of nonlinear differential systems with deviating arguments.  Marušiak, Pavol
232-237 Boolean algebras with a unary operator.  Hansoul, Georges
238-258 Periodic solutions to Maxwell equations in nonlinear media.  Krejčí, Pavel
259-267 Asymptotic behavior of a certain functional equation via limiting equations.  Karakostas, George L.
268-274 Oscillation theorems for certain nonlinear differential equations with deviating arguments.  Grace, S. R.; Lalli, Bikkar S.
275-284 On the oscillatory behavior of solutions of second order nonlinear differential equations.  Graef, John R.; Spikes, Paul W.
285-297 Radical subgroups of lattice ordered groups.  Jakubík, Ján
298-330 Some finite congruence lattices, I.  Tůma, Jiří
331-341 The lattice of equational theories. Part IV: Equational theories of finite algebras.  Ježek, Jaroslav
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