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Issue 1,  Volume 36, 1986 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-6 Boundedness of solutions of the third order differential equation with oscillatory restoring and forcing terms.  Andres, Ján
7-17 The permanent of the Laplacian matrix of a bipartite graph.  Vrba, Antonín
18-27 Archimedean equivalence for strictly positive lattice-ordered semigroups.  Anderson, Marlow
28-30 On uniform approximation of bounded approximately continuous functions by differences of lower semicontinuous and approximately continuous ones.  Vaněček, Stanislav
31-34 On strictly positive lattice ordered semigroups.  Jakubík, Ján
35-43 Isometries in Riesz groups.  Jasem, Milan
44-47 Edge neighbourhood graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
48-58 Homomorphisms of Jordan algebras and homomorphisms of projective planes.  Brožíková, Elena
59-67 Local semigroups.  Šmarda, Bohumil
68-71 The uniform classification of boundedly compact locally convex spaces.  Heinrich, S.
72-86 On the Riemannian curvature tensor of an almost-product manifold.  Carreras, Francisco J.
87-92 Embedding in globals of finite semilattices.  Gould, Matthew; Iskra, Joseph A.; Pálfy, Péter Pál
93-107 Nonoscillatory solutions of differential equations with deviating argument.  Šeda, Valter
108-115 Tolerances and congruences on lattices.  Janowitz, Melvin F.
116-130 Eigenvalues of inequalities of reaction-diffusion type and destabilizing effect of unilateral conditions.  Drábek, Pavel; Kučera, Milan
131-133 Tournaments with the same neighbourhoods.  Tomasta, Pavel
134-139 Fine convergence in free groups.  Frič, Roman; Zanolin, Fabio
140-146 Weakly regular algebras in varieties with principal compact congruences.  Chajda, Ivan
147-166 Sixty years of Jaroslav Kurzweil.  Jarník, Jiří; Schwabik, Štefan; Tvrdý, Milan; Vrkoč, Ivo
(169)-(176) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
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