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Issue 4,  Volume 37, 1987 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

509-511 A remark on $C^\ast$-algebras.  Alda, Václav; Vrbová, Pavla
512-516 Oscillation properties of solutions of a class of integro-differential equations.  Bajnov, Drumi Dimitrov; Mishkis, A. D.; Zahariev, Andreĭ I.
517-521 Relative continuity of the functor $\beta$.  Lončar, Ivan
522-532 The Hilbert projective metric and an equation in a $C^\ast$-algebra.  Daneš, Josef
533-546 Cardinality of the system of all sequential convergences on an Abelian lattice ordered group.  Harminc, Matúš
547-550 Criteria for absolute and strong convergence of Fourier series.  Avdispahić, Muharem
551-558 Representation of operators by bilinear integrals.  Balbás de la Corte, Alejandro; Jiménez Guerra, Pedro
559-566 On the relation between boundedness and oscillation of solutions of many-dimensional differential systems with deviating arguments.  Marušiak, Pavol; Shevelo, Vladimir Nikolajevič
567-572 On equiaffine Weingarten surfaces.  Švec, Alois
573-583 Subharmonicity for areal Bloch-function criteria.  Yamashita, Shinji
584-607 Natural transformations in differential geometry.  Kainz, Gerd; Michor, Peter W.
608-612 Topological convergence and uniform convergence.  Naimpally, S. A.
613-627 The dual space of a totally ordered abelian group.  Redfield, R. H.
628-641 On means of positive definite matrices.  Töllis, Theodore
642-659 A general form of the product integral and linear ordinary differential equations.  Jarník, Jiří; Kurzweil, Jaroslav
660-670 Algebraic connectivity of trees.  Grone, Robert; Merris, Russell
671-674 Sixty years of Professor Karel Drbohlav.  Procházka, Ladislav
675-676 News and Notices. Sixth Prague Topological Symposium.  
(7)-(14) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
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