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Issue 2,  Volume 41, 1991 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

185-202 Periodic solutions to linear partial differential equations of the first order.  Barták, Jaroslav; Vejvoda, Otto
203-215 Sequential characterizations of metrizability.  Pochciał, Jan
216-231 Congruence properties of distributive double $p$-algebras.  Adams, Michael E.; Beazer, Rod
232-248 $D$-proximity spaces.  Di Maio, Giuseppe; Naimpally, Somashekhar
249-259 Medial idempotent groupoids. I.  Dudek, Józef
260-264 Route systems and bipartite graphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
265-268 On a maximal distance between graphs.  Šabo, Michal
269-277 Combinatorial properties of products of graphs.  Puš, Vladimír
278-281 A note on domatically critical and cocritical graphs.  Zverovich, Igor Edmundovich; Zverovich, Vadim E.
282-287 On multiplicative bases in abelian groups.  Puš, Vladimír
288-296 Smallness of sets of nondifferentiability of convex functions in non-separable Banach spaces.  Zajíček, Luděk
297-299 Natural generalization of some lattice theory concepts to partially ordered sets.  Niederle, Josef
300-311 Construction of all strong homomorphisms of binary structures.  Novotný, Miroslav
312-316 On the convergence of Neumann series for noncompact operators.  Medková, Dagmar
317-341 Continuous and compact imbeddings of weighted Sobolev spaces. III.  Gurka, Petr; Opic, Bohumír
342-358 Decomposition of smooth functions of two multidimensional variables.  Čadek, Martin; Šimša, Jaromír
359-367 On the lattice rest of a convex body in $\bold R^s$, III.  Nowak, Werner Georg
368-372 Strongly perfect products of graphs.  Mândrescu, Eugen
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