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Issue 1,  Volume 32, 1991 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-7 Plenary stable quasigroups.  Holgate, Philip
9-14 $m$-medial $n$-quasigroups.  Kepka, Tomáš
15-25 Automorphisms of concrete logics.  Navara, Mirko; Tkadlec, Josef
27-32 Non-perfect rings and a theorem of Eklof and Shelah.  Trlifaj, Jan
33-37 Locally convex topologies in linear orthogonality spaces.  Kąkol, Jerzy; Sorjonen, Pekka
39-43 An integral estimate for weak solutions to some quasilinear elliptic systems.  Leonetti, Francesco
45-60 Limiting behavior of global attractors for singularly perturbed beam equations with strong damping.  Ševčovič, Daniel
61-73 Multiplication of nonadditive cuts in AST.  Čuda, Karel
75-93 Homology theory in the alternative set theory I. Algebraic preliminaries.  Guričan, Jaroslav
95-103 Properties of forcing preserved by finite support iterations.  Repický, Miroslav
105-113 Revealed automorphisms.  Sgall, Jiří; Sochor, Antonín
115-118 Convex orderings for stochastic processes.  Bassan, Bruno; Scarsini, Marco
119-123 Mean quadratic convergence of signed random measures.  Jacob, P.; Oliveira, P. E.
125-128 More on the product of pseudo radial spaces.  Bella, Angelo
129-153 Completely regular spaces.  Bentley, H. L.; Lowen-Colebunders, E.
155-159 On $\delta $-continuous selections of small multifunctions and covering properties.  Fedeli, Alessandro; Pelant, Jan
161-171 On FU($p$)-spaces and $p$-sequential spaces.  Garcia-Ferreira, Salvador
173-187 N-compact frames.  Schlitt, Greg M.
189-198 Compactifications and uniformities on sigma frames.  Walters, Joanne
199-207 Abstracts of CSc. theses in mathematics.  
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