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Issue 2,  Volume 32, 1991 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

209-212 Coloring digraphs by iterated antichains.  Poljak, Svatopluk
213-218 Computation of rigidity of order $\frac{n^2}r$ for one simple matrix.  Pudlák, Pavel; Vavřín, Zdeněk
219-225 Normal structure and weakly normal structure of Orlicz spaces.  Chen, Shutao; Duan, Yanzheng
227-232 Sets invariant under projections onto one dimensional subspaces.  Fitzpatrick, Simon; Calvert, Bruce
233-239 Sets invariant under projections onto two dimensional subspaces.  Fitzpatrick, Simon; Calvert, Bruce
241-250 Sigma order continuity and best approximation in $L_\varrho$-spaces.  Kilmer, Shelby J.; Kozƚowski, Wojciech M.; Lewicki, Grzegorz
251-263 A two weight weak inequality for potential type operators.  Kokilashvili, Vachtang; Rákosník, Jiří
265-272 Generating real maps on a biordered set.  Martinon, Antonio
273-279 An existence theorem for a class of nonlinear elliptic optimal control problems.  Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
281-286 On the covering dimension of the fixed point set of certain multifunctions.  Ricceri, Ornella Naselli
287-296 Some new classes of topological vector spaces with closed graph theorems.  Rodrigues, Brian
297-305 Existence and bifurcation results for a class of nonlinear boundary value problems in $(0,\infty )$.  Rother, Wolfgang
307-314 The trace theorem $W^{2,1}_p(\Omega_T) \ni f \mapsto \nabla_{\!x} f \in W^{1-1/p,1/2-1/2p}_p(\partial \Omega_T)$ revisited.  Weidemaier, Peter
315-322 Classification of tensor products of symmetric graphs.  Imrich, Wilfried; Pultr, Aleš
323-337 Forcing in the alternative set theory. I.  Sgall, Jiří
339-353 Forcing in the alternative set theory. II.  Sgall, Jiří; Sochor, Antonín
355-359 On $\omega^2$-saturated families.  Soukup, Lajos
361-367 A generalization of boundedly compact metric spaces.  Beer, Gerald; Di Concilio, Anna
369-375 The compact extension property: the role of compactness.  van der Bijl, Jos; van Mill, Jan
377-382 Absolutely terminal continua and confluent mappings.  Charatonik, J. J.
383-387 Locally conformal cosymplectic manifolds and time-dependent Hamiltonian systems.  Chinea, Domingo; León, Manuel de; Marrero, Juan C.
389-393 Einstein metrics on a class of five-dimensional homogeneous spaces.  Rodionov, E. D.
395-403 New properties of the concentric circle space and its applications to cardinal inequalities.  Sun, Shu-Hao; Choo, Koo-Guan
405-409 Measurable cardinals and category bases.  Szymański, Andrzej
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