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Issue 3,  Volume 32, 1991 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

411-416 When is every order ideal a ring ideal?.  Henriksen, M.; Larson, S.; Smith, F. A.
417-422 The endocenter and its applications to quasigroup representation theory.  Phillips, J. D.; Smith, J. D. H.
423-429 Orthomodular lattices with almost orthogonal sets of atoms.  Pulmannová, Sylvia; Rogalewicz, Vladimír
431-434 On the variety Csub $(D)$.  Slavík, Václav
435-439 On absolute summability factors for $|\overline{N}, p_n|_k$ summability.  Bor, Hüseyin
441-446 Weak uniform rotundity of Musielak--Orlicz spaces.  Doman, Małgorzata
447-462 A remark on Nehari-type oscillation criteria for self-adjoint linear differential equations.  Došlý, Ondřej; Fiedler, Frank
463-470 Existence of solutions of perturbed O.D.E.'s in Banach spaces.  Emmanuele, Giovanni
471-478 On some translation invariant balayage spaces.  Hoh, Walter; Jacob, Niels
479-494 Envelopes of holomorphy for solutions of the Laplace and Dirac equations.  Kolář, Martin
495-499 Periodic solutions for third order ordinary differential equations.  Nieto, Juan J.
501-515 Stable points of unit ball in Orlicz spaces.  Wisła, Marek
517-544 Biequivalence vector spaces in the alternative set theory.  Šmíd, Miroslav; Zlatoš, Pavol
545-550 A characterization of Corson-compact spaces.  Bandlow, Ingo
551-565 Approximate inverse systems of uniform spaces and an application of inverse systems.  Charalambous, M. G.
567-579 Pairwise monotonically normal spaces.  Marín, Josefa; Romaguera, Salvador
581-582 On zero-dimensionality of subgroups of locally compact groups.  Shakhmatov, Dmitrii B.
583-595 $\Cal P$-approximable compact spaces.  Tkačenko, Michael G.
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