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Issue 3,  Volume 37, 1996 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

433-443 Combinatorics and quantifiers.  Nešetřil, Jaroslav
445-456 Finite canonization.  Shelah, Saharon
457-467 On automorphisms of digraphs without symmetric cycles.  Wójcik, Piotr
469-477 Some remarks on a class of weight functions.  Caso, Loredana; Transirico, Maria
479-488 A Tauberian theorem for distributions.  Čížek, Jiří; Jelínek, Jiří
489-497 Fréchet directional differentiability and Fréchet differentiability.  Giles, J. R.; Sciffer, Scott
499-505 On positive operator-valued continuous maps.  Grzaślewicz, Ryszard
507-514 Three-space-problem for some classes of linear topological spaces.  Kadelburg, Zoran; Radenović, Stojan
515-517 A note on Banach spaces with $\ell^1$-saturated duals.  Leung, Denny H.
519-521 Characterizing algebras of $C^\infty$-functions on manifolds.  Michor, Peter W.; Vanžura, Jiří
523-536 On $\Cal L_{loc}^{2,n}$-regularity for the gradient of a weak solution to nonlinear elliptic systems.  Daněček, Josef
537-556 Oblique derivative problem for elliptic equations in non-divergence form with $VMO$ coefficients.  di Fazio, G.; Palagachev, D. K.
557-563 A note on regular points for solutions of parabolic systems.  Viszus, Eugen
565-576 Countable fan-tightness versus countable tightness.  Arhangel'skii, A. V.; Bella, A.
577-587 Pseudocompactness and the cozero part of a frame.  Banaschewski, Bernhard; Gilmour, Christopher
589-594 A compact ccc non-separable space from a Hausdorff gap and Martin's Axiom.  Bell, Murray
595-611 The ambient homeomorphy of certain function and sequence spaces.  Dijkstra, Jan J.; Mogilski, Jerzy
613-616 The $G_\delta$-topology and incompactness of $\omega^\alpha$.  Gorelic, Isaac
617-626 On finite powers of countably compact groups.  Tomita, Artur Hideyuki
627-634 Homogeneous Einstein metrics on Stiefel manifolds.  Arvanitoyeorgos, Andreas
635-640 On concentrated probabilities on non locally compact groups.  Bartoszek, Wojciech
641-650 Strong tightness as a condition of weak and almost sure convergence.  Krupa, Grzegorz; Zieba, Wiesław
651-654 On finite loops whose inner mapping groups have small orders.  Niemenmaa, Markku
655-656 A note on finite sets of terms closed under subterms and unification.  Ježek, Jaroslav
657 Announcements of new results.  Duda, Jaromír
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