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Issue 4,  Volume 37, 1996 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

659-665 On the range of a Jordan *-derivation.  Battyányi, Péter
667-690 Varadhan's theorem for capacities.  Gerritse, Bart
691-694 The link between the kernel method and the method of adjoints for the generalized index $_2F_1$-transform.  González, Benito J.; Negrin, Emilio R.
695-706 Existence of mild solutions for semilinear equation of evolution.  Karczewska, Anna; Wędrychowicz, Stanisław
707-723 Characterization of sets of determination for parabolic functions on a slab by coparabolic (minimal) thinness.  Ranošová, Jarmila
725-748 Random coincidence degree theory with applications to random differential inclusions.  Tarafdar, E.; Watson, P.; Yuan, Xian-Zhi
749-756 On half-completion and bicompletion of quasi-metric spaces.  Alemany, Elena; Romaguera, Salvador
757-774 Relative symmetrizability and metrizability.  Arhangel'skii, A. V.; Gordienko, I. Ju.
775-790 Sequential continuity on dyadic compacta and topological groups.  Arhangel'skii, A. V.; Just, W.; Plebanek, G.
791-796 Cleavability and divisibility over developable spaces.  Cammaroto, Filippo
797-801 On the cardinality of functionally Hausdorff spaces.  Fedeli, Alessandro
803-808 Dimension and $\varepsilon $-translations.  Goto, Tatsuo
809-814 Factorizations of set-valued mappings with separable range.  Gutev, Valentin G.
815-819 Another note on countable Boolean algebras.  Heindorf, Lutz
821-824 A note on topology of $Z$-continuous posets.  Menon, Venu G.
825-841 In quest of weaker connected topologies.  Tkačenko, M. G.; Tkachuk, V. V.; Uspenskii, V. V.; Wilson, R. G.
843-860 A family of 4-designs on 26 points.  Acketa, Dragan M.; Mudrinski, Vojislav
861-866 OCA and towers in $\Cal P(\Bbb N)/fin$.  Farah, Ilijas
867-872 On a theorem of Fermi.  Slavskii, V. V.
873 Correction to the paper: Homogeneous Einstein metrics on Stiefel manifolds.  Arvanitoyeorgos, Andreas
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