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Issue 1,  Volume 39, 1998 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-5 The nonseparability of simply presented mixed groups.  Hill, Paul; Megibben, Charles
7-13 The Re-nonnegative definite solutions to the matrix equation $AXB=C$.  Wang, Qingwen; Yang, Changlan
15-38 Cauchy problem for multidimensional coupled system of nonlinear Schrödinger equation and generalized IMBq equation.  Guowang, Chen
39-47 Decaying positive solutions of some quasilinear differential equations.  Tadie
49-54 Fixed point theorems for nonexpansive operators with dissipative perturbations in cones.  Chang, S. S.; Chen, Y. Q.; Cho, Y. J.; Lee, B. S.
55-57 A note on Schroeder-Bernstein Property and Primary Property of Orlicz function spaces.  Duan, Yanzheng; Chen, Shutao
59-69 Remarks on continuous images of Radon-Nikodým compacta.  Fabian, M.; Heisler, M.; Matoušková, E.
71-80 The Banach-Saks property and Haar null sets.  Matoušková, Eva
81-89 Some properties of short exact sequences of locally convex Riesz spaces.  Radenović, Stojan; Kadelburg, Zoran
91-98 On monotone nonlinear variational inequality problems.  Verma, Ram U.
99-100 An elementary proof of a theorem on sublattices of finite codimension.  Wójtowicz, Marek
101-113 Inequalities for surface integrals of non-negative subharmonic functions.  Aldred, M. P.; Armitage, D. H.
115-135 The Lévy laplacian and differential operators of 2-nd order in Hilbert spaces.  Lávička, Roman
137-145 Finite row-column exchangeable arrays.  Bassan, Bruno; Scarsini, Marco
147-157 Estimators in the location model with gradual changes.  Hušková, M.
159-166 Convergence in compacta and linear Lindelöfness.  Arhangel'skii, A. V.; Buzyakova, R. Z.
167-175 A new look at pointfree metrization theorems.  Banaschewski, B.; Pultr, A.
177-184 Tightness and resolvability.  Bella, A.; Malykhin, V. I.
185-195 Continuous functions between Isbell-Mrówka spaces.  García-Ferreira, S.
197-206 On sub-, pseudo- and quasimaximal spaces.  Schröder, J.
207-217 Order-like structure of monotonically normal spaces.  Williams, Scott W.; Zhou, Haoxuan
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