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Issue 2,  Volume 40, 1999 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

201-208 Differentially trivial left Noetherian rings.  Artemovych, O. D.
209-213 On the solvability of commutative loops and their multiplication groups.  Myllylä, Kari; Niemenmaa, Markku
215-221 Representing lattices by homotopy groups of graphs.  Tůma, Jiří
223-226 Uniform stabilization of solutions to a quasilinear wave equation with damping and source terms.  Aassila, Mohammed
227-250 Evolution inclusions in non separable Banach spaces.  De Blasi, F. S.; Pianigiani, G.
251-258 A fixed point theorem for non-self multi-maps in metric spaces.  Dhage, B. C.
259-270 Function spaces in the Stegall class.  Kortezov, I.
271-276 A remark on localized weak precompactness in Banach spaces.  Matsuda, Minoru
277-278 A short proof on lifting of projection properties in Riesz spaces.  Wójtowicz, Marek
279-292 Extraresolvability and cardinal arithmetic.  Alas, O. T.; García-Ferreira, S.; Tomita, A. H.
293-307 On the completeness of localic groups.  Banaschewski, B.; Vermeulen, J. J. C.
309-318 Kuratowski convergence on compacta and Hausdorff metric convergence on compacta.  Brandi, P.; Ceppitelli, R.; Holá, Ľ.
319-325 Initially $\kappa$-compact spaces for large $\kappa$.  Christodoulou, Stavros
327-329 Two remarks on weaker connected topologies.  Delaney, P.; Just, W.
331-334 An independency result in connectification theory.  Fedeli, Alessandro; Le Donne, Attilio
335-342 Perfect pre-images of cofinally complete metric spaces.  García-Máynez, A.; Romaguera, S.
343-353 On the extensibility of closed filters in T$_1$ spaces and the existence of well orderable filter bases.  Keremedis, Kyriakos; Tachtsis, Eleftherios
355-365 Condensations of Cartesian products.  Pavlov, Oleg
367-372 Absolute countable compactness of products and topological groups.  Song, Yan-Kui
373-391 Lattice points in super spheres.  Krätzel, Ekkehard
393-401 A formula for calculation of metric dimension of converging sequences.  Mišík, Ladislav, Jr.; Žáčik, Tibor
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