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Issue 2,  Volume 41, 2000 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

203-204 Introduction [Loops '99 Conference].  Kinyon, Michael K.; Chein, Orin; Drápal, Aleš
205-236 Algebraic aspects of web geometry.  Akivis, Maks A.; Goldberg, Vladislav V.
237-244 Possible orders of nonassociative Moufang loops.  Chein, Orin; Rajah, Andrew
245-249 A-loops close to code loops are groups.  Drápal, Aleš
251-259 Simple multilinear algebras and hermitian operators.  Fuad, T. S. R.; Phillips, J. D.; Shen, X. R.; Smith, J. D. H.
261-269 Groups, transversals, and loops.  Foguel, Tuval
271-281 Loop characters.  Johnson, Kenneth W.
283-297 Construction, properties and applications of finite neofields.  Keedwell, A. D.
299-300 Connected transversals -- the Zassenhaus case.  Kepka, Tomáš; Němec, Petr
301-323 Relatives of K-loops: Theory and examples.  Kiechle, Hubert
325-346 Global left loop structures on spheres.  Kinyon, Michael K.
347-357 Non-associative geometry and discrete structure of spacetime.  Nesterov, Alexander I.; Sabinin, Lev V.
359-370 Historical notes on loop theory.  Pflugfelder, Hala Orlik
371-375 On Moufang A-loops.  Phillips, J. D.
377-400 Smooth quasigroups and loops: forty-five years of incredible growth.  Sabinin, Lev V.
401-404 On centrally nilpotent loops.  Safonova, L. V.; Shchukin, K. K.
405-408 Bol loop actions.  Sbitneva, Larissa
409-414 A class of quasigroups solving a problem of ergodic theory.  Smith, Jonathan D. H.
415-427 Loops and quasigroups: Aspects of current work and prospects for the future.  Smith, Jonathan D. H.
429-435 Combinatorial aspects of code loops.  Vojtěchovský, Petr
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