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Issue 2,  Volume 48, 2007 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

189-203 Minimal and minimum size latin bitrades of each genus.  Lefevre, James; Donovan, Diane; Cavenagh, Nicholas; Drápal, Aleš
205-209 Strong boundedness and algebraically closed groups.  Majcher-Iwanow, Barbara
211-216 Club-guessing, good points and diamond.  Matet, Pierre
217-224 On the structure of finite loop capable Abelian groups.  Niemenmaa, Markku
225-238 Singular integral characterization of nonisotropic generalized BMO spaces.  Crescimbeni, Raquel
239-243 Characterizations of $L^1$-predual spaces by centerable subsets.  Duan, Yanzheng; Lin, Bor-Luh
245-268 Covering $\Sigma^0_\xi$-generated ideals by $\Pi^0_\xi$ sets.  Mátrai, Tamás
269-272 Banach space valued mappings of the first Baire class contained in usco mappings.  Spurný, Jiří
273-280 An interesting class of ideals in subalgebras of $C(X)$ containing $C^*(X)$.  Acharyya, Sudip Kumar; De, Dibyendu
281-289 Weak-bases and $D$-spaces.  Burke, Dennis K.
291-301 Eberlein spaces of finite metrizability number.  Juhász, I.; Szentmiklóssy, Z.; Szymański, A.
303-309 Embedding into discretely absolutely star-Lindelöf spaces.  Song, Yan-Kui
311-319 Quasi-concave copulas, asymmetry and transformations.  Alvoni, Elisabetta; Papini, Pier Luigi
321-341 On the regularity of local minimizers of decomposable variational integrals on domains in $\Bbb R^2$.  Bildhauer, M.; Fuchs, M.
343-355 Approximations by regular sets and Wiener solutions in metric spaces.  Björn, Anders; Björn, Jana
357-371 Abstracts of Ph.D. theses in mathematics.  
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