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Issue 2,  Volume 49, 2008 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

Proceedings of the conference Loops'07, Prague, 19 August - 25 August, 2007

169-170 Introduction [Loops and quasigroups].  
171-196 Bol loops with a large left nucleus.  Chein, Orin; Goodaire, Edgar G.
197-208 On loops that are abelian groups over the nucleus and Buchsteiner loops.  Csörgö, Piroska
209-217 Products of partially ordered quasigroups.  Demko, Milan
219-239 Edon-$\Cal R (256,384,512)$ -- an efficient implementation of Edon-$\Cal R$ family of cryptographic hash functions.  Gligoroski, Danilo; Knapskog, Svein Johan
241-247 When is it hard to show that a quasigroup is a loop?.  Keedwell, A. D.
249-257 F-quasigroups and generalized modules.  Kepka, Tomáš; Kinyon, Michael K.; Phillips, J. D.
259-270 Some remarks on simple Bol loops.  Nagy, Gábor P.
271-277 On central nilpotency in finite loops with nilpotent inner mapping groups.  Niemenmaa, Markku; Rytty, Miikka
279-290 A scoop from groups: equational foundations for loops.  Phillips, J. D.; Vojtěchovský, Petr
291-299 Powers of elements in Jordan loops.  Pula, Kyle
301-307 Moufang loops of odd order $p_1p_2\dots p_nq^3$ with non-trivial nucleus.  Rajah, Andrew; Chong, Kam-Yoon
309-317 Ternary quasigroups and the modular group.  Smith, Jonathan D. H.
319-339 Classification results in quasigroup and loop theory via a combination of automated reasoning tools.  Sorge, Volker; Colton, Simon; McCasland, Roy; Meier, Andreas
341-356 Möbius gyrovector spaces in quantum information and computation.  Ungar, Abraham A.
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