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Issue 3,  Volume 49, 2008 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

357-382 A class of commutative loops with metacyclic inner mapping groups.  Drápal, Aleš
383-395 Affine regular decagons in GS-quasigroup.  Volenec, V.; Kolar-Begović, Z.
397-410 Skewsquares in quadratical quasigroups.  Volenec, Vladimír; Kolar-Šuper, Ružica
411-420 Biembeddings of symmetric configurations and 3-homogeneous Latin trades.  Grannell, M. J.; Griggs, T. S.; Knor, M.
421-435 Product of vector measures on topological spaces.  Khurana, Surjit Singh
437-445 Spectrum of twisted Dirac operators on the complex projective space $\Bbb P^{2q+1}(\Bbb C)$.  Halima, Majdi Ben
447-462 An algorithm for QMC integration using low-discrepancy lattice sets.  Franěk, Vojtěch
463-475 Quenching for semidiscretizations of a semilinear heat equation with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions.  Nabongo, Diabate; Boni, Théodore K.
477-484 Further properties of 1-sequence-covering maps.  An, Tran Van; Tuyen, Luong Quoc
485-508 On $\omega$-resolvable and almost-$\omega$-resolvable spaces.  Angoa, J.; Ibarra, M.; Tamariz-Mascarúa, A.
509-517 Weak selections and flows in networks.  Gutev, Valentin; Nogura, Tsugunori
519-522 Cellularity of a space of subgroups of a discrete group.  Leiderman, A.; Protasov, I. V.
523 Corrigendum to: Positive solutions for systems of generalized three-point nonlinear boundary value problems.  Henderson, J.; Ntouyas, S. K.; Purnaras, I. K.
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