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Issue 1,  Volume 10, 2002 (Communications in Mathematics)

Acta Mathematica et Informatica Universitatis Ostraviensis (1993-2003)

3-23 The class number one problem for the non-normal sextic CM-fields. Part 2.  Boutteaux, Gérard; Louboutin, Stéphane
25-34 Class number parity of a compositum of five quadratic fields.  Bulant, Michal
35-41 A note on a paper of Oppenheim and Šalát concerning series of Cantor type.  Hančl, Jaroslav
43-48 Quaternary quadratic forms and an associated lattice constant.  Jackson, Terence
49-59 Computing all elements of given index in sextic fields with a cubic subfield.  Járási, István
61-69 The Cauchy extension of an ordered abelian group realized by $r$-valuations.  Kontolatou, A.
71-78 $p$-adic variant of the convergence Khintchine theorem for curves over $\Bbb Z_p$.  Kovalevskaya, E. I.
79-83 Formulae for the relative class number of an imaginary abelian field in the form of a product of determinants.  Kučera, Radan
85-93 Non-monogenity of multiquadratic number fields.  Nyul, Gábor
95-102 On cycles and orbits of polynomial mappings $\Bbb Z^2\mapsto\Bbb Z^2$.  Pezda, T.
103-109 On Lucas pseudoprimes of the form $ax^2+bxy+cy^2$ in arithmetic progression $AX+B$ with a prescribed value of the Jacobi symbol.  Rotkiewicz, A.
111-116 An extension of some formulae of Lerch.  Schinzel, A.
117-123 Quadratic extensions of quintic fields of signature $(3,1)$.  Selmane, Schehrazad
125-131 Automorphisms of products of Witt rings of local type.  Stępień, Marcin
133-143 Ten problems on quadratic forms.  Szymiczek, Kazimierz
145-151 A note on polynomial cycles.  Vavroš, Michal
153-160 Tate duality and ramification of division algebras.  Yamazaki, Takao
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