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Issue 1,  Volume 34, 1998 (Archivum Mathematicum)

Proceedings of the EQUADIFF 9 conference - Invited Papers

I Preface.  
1-12 On the existence of oscillatory solutions to $n$th order differential equations with quasiderivatives.  Bartušek, Miroslav
13-22 The nonlinear limit-point/limit-circle problem for higher order equations.  Bartušek, Miroslav; Došlá, Zuzana; Graef, John R.
23-29 A new approach to the existence of almost everywhere solutions of nonlinear PDEs.  Dacorogna, Bernard
31-47 Behaviour of solutions of linear differential equations with delay.  Diblík, Josef
49-58 Additive groups connected with asymptotic stability of some differential equations.  Elbert, Árpád
59-72 Singular eigenvalue problems for second order linear ordinary differential equations.  Elbert, Árpád; Kusano, Takaŝi; Naito, Manabu
73-82 Bifurcation of periodic and chaotic solutions in discontinuous systems.  Fečkan, Michal
83-92 A note on asymptotic expansion for a periodic boundary condition.  Filo, Ján
93-104 Periodic problems for ODEs via multivalued Poincaré operators.  Górniewicz, Lech
105-117 A new finite element approach for problems containing small geometric details.  Hackbusch, W.; Sauter, S.
119-126 On small solutions of second order differential equations with random coefficients.  Hatvani, László; Stachó, László
127-142 An application of the second Lyapunov method to stability investigation of differential equations with deviations.  Khusainov, Denis
143-151 Quadratic functionals: positivity, oscillation, Rayleigh's principle.  Kratz, Werner
153-172 Invariant measures for nonlinear SPDE's: uniqueness and stability.  Maslowski, Bohdan; Seidler, Jan
173-181 The boundary-value problems for Laplace equation and domains with nonsmooth boundary.  Medková, Dagmar
183-190 Singular integral inequalities and stability of semilinear parabolic equations.  Medveď, Milan
191-197 Fixed point theory for closed multifunctions.  O'Regan, Donal
199-206 Transition from decay to blow-up in a parabolic system.  Quittner, Pavol
207-215 Dynamical systems with several equilibria and natural Liapunov functions.  Răsvan, Vladimir
217-226 Boundary layer for Chaffee-Infante type equation.  Temam, Roger; Wang, Xiaoming
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