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infinite Jacobi matrix; symmetric operator; selfadjoint and nonselfadjoint extensions; maximal dissipative operator; selfadjoint dilation; scattering matrix; functional model; characteristic function; completeness of the system of eigenvectors and associated vectors
A space of boundary values is constructed for the minimal symmetric operator generated by an infinite Jacobi matrix in the limit-circle case. A description of all maximal dissipative, accretive and selfadjoint extensions of such a symmetric operator is given in terms of boundary conditions at infinity. We construct a selfadjoint dilation of maximal dissipative operator and its incoming and outgoing spectral representations, which makes it possible to determine the scattering matrix of dilation. We construct a functional model of the dissipative operator and define its characteristic function. We prove a theorem on the completeness of the system of eigenvectors and associated vectors of dissipative operators.
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