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Issue 1,  Volume 108, 1983 (Časopis pro pěstování matematiky)

1-7 On uniqueness of solutions of differential equations.  Nekvinda, Miloslav
8-28 Integral of multivalued mappings and its connection with differential relations.  Jarník, Jiří; Kurzweil, Jaroslav
29-39 On solvability of equations of the $4$th order with jumping nonlinearities.  Krejčí, Pavel
40-52 On semisimple classes of Abelian linearly ordered groups.  Pringerová, Gabriela
53-69 An extremal problem for some classes of oriented graphs.  Howalla, K.; Dabboucy, Abdallah N.; Tout, R.
70-77 A sharpening of discrete analogues of Wirtinger's inequality.  Novotná, Jarmila
78-81 Eine Verschärfung der Poincaré-Ungleichung.  Boček, Leo
82-88 Domatically cocritical graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
89-92 On a problem of L. Mišík.  Pu, Hwang Wen; Pu, Huo Hui Min
95-103 Recense.  
104-109 Šedesátiny prof. RNDr. Karla Rektoryse, DrSc.  Marek, Ivo; Nečas, Jindřich
110-112 Další zprávy.  
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