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Issue 4,  Volume 30, 1994 (Kybernetika)

369-386 Differential geometric structures of stable state feedback systems with dual connections.  Ohara, Atsumi; Amari, Shun-ichi
387-391 The degeneration of reachable singular systems under feedback-transformations.  Glüsing-Lüerssen, Heide; Hinrichsen, Diederich
393-402 Generalized Bezoutian for a periodic collection of rational matrices.  Coll, Carmen; Bru, Rafael; Hernández, Vicente
403-424 Bilinear systems and chaos.  Čelikovský, Sergej; Vaněček, Antonín
425-432 On-line identification and control of chaos in a real Chua's circuit.  Dąbrowski, Andrzej; Galias, Zbigniew; Ogorzałek, Maciej J.
433-443 Bayesian rank estimation with application to factor analysis.  Kárný, Miroslav; Šámal, Martin
445-460 Discretization problems on generalized entropies and $R$-divergences.  Pardo, L.; Morales, D.; Ferentinos, K.; Zografos, K.
461-470 On $n$th order differential equations over Hardy fields.  Ramayyan, A.
471-472 Book reviews.  
473-476 News.  
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