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Issue 1,  Volume 34, 1998 (Kybernetika)

Special issue on uncertainty processing

[1]-2 Special issue on uncertainty processing.  Jiroušek, Radim; Kleiter, Gernot D.
[3]-15 Totally coherent set-valued probability assessments.  Gilio, Angelo; Ingrassia, Salvatore
[17]-26 A note on the interval-valued marginal problem and its maximum entropy solution.  Vejnarová, Jiřina
[27]-40 Conditional problem for objective probability.  Kříž, Otakar
[41]-55 A method for knowledge integration.  Janžura, Martin; Boček, Pavel
[57]-68 On factorization of probability distributions over directed graphs.  Matúš, František; Strohmeier, Bernhard
[69]-78 Null events and stochastical independence.  Colleti, Giulianella; Scozzafava, Romano
[79]-90 Non additive ordinal relations representable by lower or upper probabilities.  Capotorti, Andrea; Coletti, Giulianella; Vantaggi, Barbara
[91]-104 Generalized Möbius transformation of knowledge bases.  Daniel, Milan
[105]-120 From ignorance to uncertainty: a conceptual analysis.  Baroni, Pietro; Guida, Giovanni; Mussi, Silvano
[121]-134 Considering uncertainty and dependence in Boolean, quantum and fuzzy logics.  Navara, Mirko; Pták, Pavel
[135]-136 Book reviews.  
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