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Issue 2,  Volume 34, 1998 (Kybernetika)

[137]-147 Alternative definitions of conditional possibilistic measures.  Kramosil, Ivan
[149]-161 Estimating the fuzzy inequality associated with a fuzzy random variable in random samplings from finite populations.  López-García, Hortensia; Gil, María Angeles; Corral, Norberto; López, María Teresa
[163]-169 Finite-to-one fuzzy maps and fuzzy perfect maps.  Lupiáñez, Francisco Gallego
[171]-179 Rotation to physiological factors revised.  Kárný, Miroslav; Šámal, Martin; Böhm, Josef
[181]-187 Second order linear difference equations over discrete Hardy fields.  Ramayyan, A.; Thandapani, E.
[189]-198 RTC-method for the control of nuclear reactor power.  Ratemi, Wajdi A.
[199]-202 Simultaneous output-feedback stabilization for continuous systems in Banach spaces.  AL-Sunni, Fouad M.; Lewis, Frank L.
[203]-216 Robust and nonrobust tracking.  Štecha, Jan
[217]-234 Adaptive control for discrete-time Markov processes with unbounded costs: Discounted criterion.  Gordienko, Evgueni I.; Minjárez-Sosa, J. Adolfo
[235]-237 Letter to the editor: Consistency of LPC+Ch.  Mattila, Jorma K.
[239]-242 Book reviews.  
[243]-244 News.  
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