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Issue 5,  Volume 38, 2002 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: System Structure and Control

[501]-502 Guest editorial introduction to the special issue on System Structure and Control.  Malabre, Michel; Commault, Christian; Dion, Jean-Michel; Moog, Claude; Zagalak, Petr
[503]-520 Characterization of generic properties of linear structured systems for efficient computations.  Commault, Christian; Dion, Jean-Michel; van der Woude, Jacob W.
[521]-540 Parametrization and reliable extraction of proper compensators.  Kraffer, Ferdinand; Zagalak, Petr
[541]-551 Approximation of control laws with distributed delays: a necessary condition for stability.  Mondié, Sabine; Dambrine, Michel; Santos, Omar
[553]-569 Nonregular decoupling with stability of two-output systems.  Ruiz-León, Javier; Muñoz, Jorge A. Torres; Lizaola, Francisco
[571]-584 Polynomial controller design based on flatness.  Rotella, Frédéric; Carillo, Francisco Javier; Ayadi, Mounir
[585]-600 Systems with associative dynamics.  Pearson, Ronald Korin; Kotta, Ülle; Nōmm, Sven
[601]-608 Disturbance decoupling of nonlinear MISO systems by static measurement feedback.  Pothin, Richard; Moog, Claude H.; Xia, Xiaohua
[609]-615 Poles and zeroes of nonlinear control systems.  Pommaret, Jean-François
[617]-629 Time-domain and parametric $L^2$-properties corresponding to Popov inequality.  Voicu, Mihail; Pastravanu, Octavian
[631]-642 Fixed poles of $H_2$ optimal control by measurement feedback.  Camart, Jean-François; del-Muro-Cuéllar, Basilio; Malabre, Michel
[643]-656 Rank-one LMI approach to robust stability of polynomial matrices.  Henrion, Didier; Sugimoto, Kenji; Šebek, Michael
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