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Issue 6,  Volume 38, 2002 (Kybernetika)

[657]-683 Derivation of effective transfer function models by input, output variables selection.  Karcanias, Nicos; Vafiadis, Konstantinos G.
[685]-707 Artificial neural networks in time series forecasting: a comparative analysis.  Allende, Héctor; Moraga, Claudio; Salas, Rodrigo
[709]-716 Dual meaning of verbal quantities.  Mareš, Milan; Mesiar, Radko
[717]-728 Representation of logic formulas by normal forms.  Daňková, Martina
[729]-745 Kolmogorov complexity and probability measures.  Šindelář, Jan; Boček, Pavel
[747]-759 Kolmogorov complexity, pseudorandom generators and statistical models testing.  Šindelář, Jan; Boček, Pavel
[761]-764 Book reviews.  
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