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Issue 5,  Volume 39, 2003 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering 2002 - Best Papers

[509]-510 Special issue: Guest Editorial [Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering 2002 - Best Papers].  Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel; Vojtáš, Peter; Zadroẓny, Sławomir
[511]-520 Neural networks using Bayesian training.  Andrejková, Gabriela; Levický, Miroslav
[521]-546 Restricted ideals and the groupability property. Tools for temporal reasoning.  Martínez, J.; Cordero, P.; Gutiérrez, G.; Guzmán, I. P. de
[547]-560 Non-monotoneous parallel iteration for solving convex feasibility problems.  Crombez, Gilbert
[561]-568 Consistency-driven approximation of a pairwise comparison matrix.  Dopazo, Esther; González-Pachón, Jacinto
[569]-582 Computing complexity distances between algorithms.  Romaguera, S.; Sánchez-Pérez, E. A.; Valero, O.
[583]-600 Hierarchical text categorization using fuzzy relational thesaurus.  Tikk, Domonkos; Yang, Jae Dong; Bang, Sun Lee
[601]-614 An inquiry-based method for Choquet integral-based aggregation of interface usability parameters.  Sicilia, Miguel-Ángel; Barriocanal, Elena García; Calvo, Tomasa
[615]-629 1-Lipschitz aggregation operators and quasi-copulas.  Kolesárová, Anna
[631]-642 A general approach to decomposable bi-capacities.  Saminger, Susanne; Mesiar, Radko
[643]-650 Construction of aggregation operators: new composition method.  Calvo, Tomasa; Mesiarová, Andrea; Valášková, Ľubica
[651]-652 News.  
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