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Issue 3,  Volume 122, 1997 (Mathematica Bohemica)

225-230 A linear algorithm to recognize maximal generalized outerplanar graphs.  Cáceres, José; Márquez, Alberto
231-241 Two classes of graphs related to extremal eccentricities.  Gliviak, Ferdinand
243-247 The cross-ratio in Hjelmslev planes.  Jurga, Rastislav
249-255 On $r$-extendability of the hypercube $Q\sb n$.  Limaye, Nirmala B.; Sarvate, Dinesh G.
257-265 Noether theorem and first integrals of constrained Lagrangean systems.  Krupková, Olga
267-272 $\lambda$-lattices.  Snášel, Václav
273-294 Transversally symmetric immersions.  González-Dávila, J. C.; González-Dávila, M. C.; Vanhecke, L.
295-299 Normal spaces and the Lusin-Menchoff property.  Pyrih, Pavel
301-315 Closed convex $l$-subgroups and radical classes of convergence $l$-groups.  Jakubík, Ján
317-336 Reflection and a mixed boundary value problem concerning analytic functions.  Dontová, Eva; Dont, Miroslav; Král, Josef
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