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Issue 1,  Volume 131, 2006 (Mathematica Bohemica)

1-9 The dual of the space of functions of bounded variation.  Aye, Khaing Khaing; Lee, Peng Yee
11-14 Kurzweil’s PU integral as the Lebesgue integral.  Výborný, Rudolf
15-28 A new form of fuzzy $\alpha $-compactness.  Shi, Fu-Gui
29-38 Single valued extension property and generalized Weyl’s theorem.  Berkani, M.; Castro, N.; Djordjević, S. V.
39-48 Modal operators on MV-algebras.  Harlenderová, Magdalena; Rachůnek, Jiří
49-61 On the algebra of $A^k$-functions.  Backlund, Ulf; Fällström, Anders
63-84 Measures of traceability in graphs.  Saenpholphat, Varaporn; Okamoto, Futaba; Zhang, Ping
85-93 Isomorphism of commutative group algebras of $p$-mixed splitting groups over rings of characteristic zero.  Danchev, Peter
95-104 Non-singular covers over ordered monoid rings.  Bican, Ladislav
105-112 Jan Pelant (18.2.1950–11.4.2005).  Balcar, B.; Müller, V.; Nešetřil, J.; Simon, P.
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