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Issue 2,  Volume 132, 2007 (Mathematica Bohemica)

113-123 Fuzzy semi $\alpha $-irresolute functions.  Seenivasan, V.; Balasubramanian, G.
125-136 Variable exponent Sobolev spaces with zero boundary values.  Harjulehto, Petteri
137-175 Bounds for frequencies of residues of second-order recurrences modulo $p^r$.  Carlip, Walter; Somer, Lawrence
177-183 A comparison of three recent selection theorems.  Maniscalco, Caterina
185-203 On $\gamma $-labelings of oriented graphs.  Okamoto, Futaba; Zhang, Ping; Saenpholphat, Varaporn
205-218 Continuous dependence of solutions of generalized linear ordinary differential equations on a parameter.  Halas, Zdeněk
219-224 Book reviews.  
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