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Issue 2,  Volume 45, 2009 (Kybernetika)

169-188 Asymptotic behaviour of a BIPF algorithm with an improper target.  Asci, Claudio; Piccioni, Mauro
189-207 Hierarchical models, marginal polytopes, and linear codes.  Kahle, Thomas; Wenzel, Walter; Ay, Nihat
208-248 Two operations of merging and splitting components in a chain graph.  Studený, Milan; Roverato, Alberto; Štěpánová, Šárka
249-260 Markov bases of conditional independence models for permutations.  Csiszár, Villő
261-278 Checking proportional rates in the two-sample transformation model.  Kraus, David
279-292 Conditions for bimodality and multimodality of a mixture of two unimodal densities.  Došlá, Šárka
293-308 On testing of general random closed set model hypothesis.  Mrkvička, Tomáš
309-330 Optimal sequential multiple hypothesis tests.  Novikov, Andrey
331-344 Stability estimating in optimal sequential hypotheses testing.  Gordienko, Evgueni; Novikov, Andrey; Zaitseva, Elena
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