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Issue 3,  Volume 45, 2009 (Kybernetika)

349-386 Direct adaptive control of unknown nonlinear systems using a new neuro-fuzzy method together with a novel approach of parameter hopping.  Theodoridis, Dimitris; Boutalis, Yiannis; Christodoulou, Manolis
387-404 Geometric structures of stable output feedback systems.  Zhang, Zhenning; Sun, Huafei; Zhong, Fengwei
405-416 Controllability of invariant control systems at uniform time.  Ayala, Víctor; Ayala-Hoffmann, José; Azevedo Tribuzy, Ivan de
417-426 Passivity based stabilization of non-minimum phase nonlinear systems.  Travieso-Torres, Juan C.; Duarte-Mermoud, Manuel A.; Zagalak, Petr
427-444 A comparison of two FEM-based methods for the solution of the nonlinear output regulation problem.  Rehák, Branislav; Čelikovský, Sergej; Ruiz-León, Javier; Orozco-Mora, Jorge
445-457 Unifying approach to observer-filter design.  Černý, Václav
458-474 Absorption in stochastic epidemics.  Štěpán, Josef; Staněk, Jakub
475-490 Asymptotic properties and optimization of some non-Markovian stochastic processes.  Gordienko, Evgueni; Garcia, Antonio; Chavez, Juan Ruiz de
491-506 Pure filters and stable topology on BL-algebras.  Eslami, Esfandiar; Haghani, Farhad Kh.
507-528 Optimal sequential multiple hypothesis testing in presence of control variables.  Novikov, Andrey
529-540 The stability of parameter estimation of fuzzy variables.  Hong, Dug Hun
541-547 A note about operations like $T_W$ (the weakest $t$-norm) based addition on fuzzy intervals.  Hong, Dug Hun
548-560 On the comparison of some fuzzy clustering methods for privacy preserving data mining: Towards the development of specific information loss measures.  Torra, Vicenç; Endo, Yasunori; Miyamoto, Sadaaki
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