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Issue 4,  Volume 45, 2009 (Kybernetika)

565-566 Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2008.  Beneš, Michal; Knobloch, Petr; Tsujikawa, Tohru; Yazaki, Shigetoshi
567-579 High order finite volume schemes for numerical solution of 2D and 3D transonic flows.  Fürst, Jiří; Kozel, Karel; Furmánek, Petr
580-590 A solution of nonlinear diffusion problems by semilinear reaction-diffusion systems.  Murakawa, Hideki
591-604 Direct approach to mean-curvature flow with topological changes.  Pauš, Petr; Beneš, Michal
605-614 Phase field model for mode III crack growth in two dimensional elasticity.  Takaishi, Takeshi; Kimura, Masato
615-624 How to unify the total/local-length-constraints of the gradient flow for the bending energy of plane curves.  Miyamoto, Yuki; Nagasawa, Takeyuki; Suto, Fumito
625-633 The dynamics of weakly interacting fronts in an adsorbate-induced phase transition model.  Ei, Shin-Ichiro; Tsujikawa, Tohru
634-645 On a variant of the local projection method stable in the SUPG norm.  Knobloch, Petr
646-656 Finite volume schemes for the generalized subjective surface equation in image segmentation.  Mikula, Karol; Remešíková, Mariana
657-669 Implementation of the MR tractography visualization kit based on the anisotropic Allen-Cahn equation.  Strachota, Pavel
670-680 On the singular limit of solutions to the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross interest rate model with stochastic volatility.  Stehlíková, Beáta; Ševčovič, Daniel
681-688 A note on the optimal portfolio problem in discrete processes.  Ishimura, Naoyuki; Mita, Yuji
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