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Issue 4,  Volume 58, 2008 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

865-885 Commutative zeropotent semigroups with few invariant congruences.  Bashir, Robert El; Kepka, Tomáš
887-897 The diameter of paired-domination vertex critical graphs.  Henning, Michael A.; Mynhardt, Christina M.
899-910 Exchange rings in which all regular elements are one-sided unit-regular.  Chen, Huanyin
911-919 Equienergetic self-complementary graphs.  Indulal, G.; Vijayakumar, A.
921-926 Compact images of spaces with a weaker metric topology.  Yan, Peng-fei; Lü, Cheng
927-947 On the vanishing viscosity method for first order differential-functional IBVP.  Topolski, Krzysztof A.
949-960 On graphs with the largest Laplacian index.  Liu, BoLian; Chen, Zhibo; Liu, Muhuo
961-992 Wellposedness for the system modelling the motion of a rigid body of arbitrary form in an incompressible viscous fluid.  Cumsille, Patricio; Takahashi, Takéo
993-1014 Rigid extensions of $\ell$-groups of continuous functions.  Knox, Michelle L.; McGovern, Warren Wm.
1015-1037 Projection representable relations on Menger $(2,n)$-semigroups.  Dudek, Wiesław A.; Trokhimenko, Valentin S.
1039-1043 A formula for the Bloch norm of a $C^1$-function on the unit ball of $\Bbb C^n$.  Pavlović, Miroslav
1045-1057 Bilinear multipliers on Lorentz spaces.  Villarroya, Francisco
1059-1068 Barbilian's metrization procedure in the plane yields either Riemannian or Lagrange generalized metrics.  Boskoff, Wladimir G.; Suceavă, Bogdan D.
1069-1081 Abelian group pairs having a trivial coGalois group.  Hill, Paul
1083-1095 On $S$-quasinormal and $c$-normal subgroups of a finite group.  Li, Shirong; Li, Yangming
1097-1100 The postage stamp problem and arithmetic in base $r$.  Tripathi, Amitabha
1101-1106 On the distance function of a connected graph.  Nebeský, Ladislav
1107-1127 Join-semilattices whose sections are residuated po-monoids.  Chajda, Ivan; Kühr, Jan
1129-1143 Direct product decompositions of bounded commutative residuated $\ell$-monoids.  Jakubík, Ján
1145-1152 Some properties of relatively strong pseudocompactness.  Zhang, Guo-Fang
1153-1165 Positive unbounded solutions of second order quasilinear ordinary differential equations and their application to elliptic problems.  Kamo, Ken-ichi; Usami, Hiroyuki
1167-1183 Kurzweil-Henstock type integral on zero-dimensional group and some of its applications.  Skvortsov, Valentin; Tulone, Francesco
1185-1193 Noncirculant Toeplitz matrices all of whose powers are Toeplitz.  Griffin, Kent; Stuart, Jeffrey L.; Tsatsomeros, Michael J.
1195-1206 The sharpness of convergence results for $q$-Bernstein polynomials in the case $q>1$.  Ostrovska, Sofiya
1207-1219 Convergence theorems for the Birkhoff integral.  Balcerzak, Marek; Potyrała, Monika
1221-1231 A measure-theoretic characterization of the Henstock-Kurzweil integral revisited.  Lee, Tuo-Yeong
1233-1240 The maximum clique and the signless Laplacian eigenvalues.  Liu, Jianping; Liu, BoLian
1241-1246 Criteria for testing Wall's question.  Klaška, Jiří
1247-1256 The $\bar\partial$-Neumann operator and commutators of the Bergman projection and multiplication operators.  Haslinger, Friedrich
1257-1278 Unconditional ideals of finite rank operators.  Abrahamsen, Trond A.; Lima, Asvald; Lima, Vegard
1279-1287 A characterization of totally $\eta$-umbilical real hypersurfaces and ruled real hypersurfaces of a complex space form.  Kon, Mayuko
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