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Issue 3,  Volume 58, 2008 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

577-593 2-normalization of lattices.  Chajda, I.; Cheng, W.; Wismath, S. L.
595-603 Lower bounds on signed edge total domination numbers in graphs.  Karami, H.; Sheikholeslami, S. M.; Khodkar, Abdollah
605-635 Equivalence and symmetries of first order differential equations.  Tryhuk, V.
637-650 On congruences and ideals of partially ordered quasigroups.  Demko, Milan
651-668 On the mean value of a sum analogous to character sums over short intervals.  Ganglian, Ren; Wenpeng, Zhang
669-681 Directoid groups.  Gardner, B. J.; Parmenter, M. M.
683-692 Cayley color graphs of inverse semigroups and groupoids.  Sieben, Nándor
693-703 Extreme preservers of maximal column rank inequalities of matrix sums over semirings.  Song, Seok-Zun; Park, Kwon-Ryong
705-716 On a class of Szász-Mirakyan type operators.  Walczak, Zbigniew
717-723 Affine completeness and wreath product decompositions of lattice ordered group.  Jakubík, Ján
725-740 A non commutative generalization of $\star$-autonomous lattices.  Emanovský, P.; Rachůnek, J.
741-749 A characterization of weighted $(LB)$-spaces of holomorphic functions having the dual density condition.  Wolf, Elke
751-758 Asymptotics of variance of the lattice point count.  Janáček, Jiří
759-786 Schreier loops.  Nagy, Péter T.; Strambach, Karl
787-798 Minimal claw-free graphs.  Dankelmann, P.; Swart, Henda C.; van den Berg, P.; Goddard, W.; Plummer, M. D.
799-821 On the determination of the potential function from given orbits.  Alboul, L.; Mencía, J.; Ramírez, R.; Sadovskaia, N.
823-831 Remarks on discretely absolutely star-Lindelöf spaces.  Song, Yan-Kui
833-848 On some types of radical classes.  Jakubík, Ján
849-864 On Lipschitz and d.c. surfaces of finite codimension in a Banach space.  Zajíček, Luděk
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