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graph; degree sequence; potentially $C_r$-graphic sequence
Let $r\ge 3$, $n\ge r$ and $\pi =(d_1,d_2,\ldots ,d_n)$ be a non-increasing sequence of nonnegative integers. If $\pi $ has a realization $G$ with vertex set $V(G)=\{v_1,v_2,\ldots ,v_n\}$ such that $d_G(v_i)=d_i$ for $i=1,2,\ldots , n$ and $v_1v_2\cdots v_rv_1$ is a cycle of length $r$ in $G$, then $\pi $ is said to be potentially $C_r''$-graphic. In this paper, we give a characterization for $\pi $ to be potentially $C_r''$-graphic.
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