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Issue 2,  Volume 59, 2009 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

285-286 Proper uniform algebras are flat.  Smith, R. C.
287-303 Uniform decay for a hyperbolic system with differential inclusion and nonlinear memory source term on the boundary.  Park, Jong Yeoul; Park, Sun Hye
305-316 On minimal strongly KC-spaces.  Sun, Weihua; Xu, Yuming; Li, Ning
317-342 Optimal control of linear stochastic evolution equations in Hilbert spaces and uniform observability.  Ungureanu, Viorica Mariela
343-351 Integral formulas for closed spacelike hypersurfaces in anti-de Sitter space $H_1^{n+1}(-1)$.  Wei, Guoxin; Liu, Qiuli; Suh, Young Jin
353-370 Comparison theorems for the third order trinomial differential equations with delay argument.  Džurina, Jozef; Kotorová, Renáta
371-379 Boundary functions on a bounded balanced domain.  Kot, Piotr
381-399 Denjoy integral and Henstock-Kurzweil integral in vector lattices. I.  Kawasaki, Toshiharu
401-417 Denjoy integral and Henstock-Kurzweil integral in vector lattices. II.  Kawasaki, Toshiharu
419-430 On the Schröder-Bernstein problem for Carathéodory vector lattices.  Jakubík, Ján
431-452 A simple formula for an analogue of conditional Wiener integrals and its applications. II.  Cho, Dong Hyun
453-479 The structure of idempotent residuated chains.  Chen, Wei; Zhao, Xianzhong
481-487 Degree sequences of graphs containing a cycle with prescribed length.  Yin, Jian-Hua
489-501 On potentially nilpotent double star sign patterns.  Li, Honghai; Li, Jiongsheng
503-528 Analysis of the flows of incompressible fluids with pressure dependent viscosity fulfilling $\nu (p, \cdot ) \to + \infty $ as $p \to +\infty $.  Bulíček, M.; Málek, J.; Rajagopal, K. R.
529-538 Orbit projections as fibrations.  Rainer, Armin
539-550 The $k$-domatic number of a graph.  Kämmerling, Karsten; Volkmann, Lutz
551-571 Surgery on pairs of closed manifolds.  Cavicchioli, Alberto; Muranov, Yuri V.; Spaggiari, Fulvia
572-572 Editorials' note.  Fiedler, Miroslav; Jain, Pankaj; Persson, Lars-Erik
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