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Issue 3,  Volume 134, 2009 (Mathematica Bohemica)

225-253 Generalized Hermitean ultradistributions.  Andrade, C.; Loura, L.
255-273 On the behavior near the origin of double sine series with monotone coefficients.  Krasniqi, Xhevat Z.
275-284 Some remarks on $I$-faster convergent infinite series.  Matejíčka, Ladislav
285-300 Contra $G_\delta$-continuity in smooth fuzzy topological spaces.  Devi, D. Anitha; Roja, E.; Uma, M. K.
301-318 The rank of a commutative semigroup.  Cegarra, Antonio M.; Petrich, Mario
319-336 On the uniqueness of meromorphic functions that share three sets.  Banerjee, Abhijit
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