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Issue 2,  Volume 46, 2010 (Kybernetika)

205-206 Preface.  Frolkovič, Peter; Mikula, Karol
207-225 Numerical algorithms for perspective shape from shading.  Breuss, Michael; Cristiani, Emiliano; Durou, Jean-Denis; Falcone, Maurizio; Vogel, Oliver
226-259 4D Embryogenesis image analysis using PDE methods of image processing.  Bourgine, Paul; Čunderlík, Róbert; Drblíková-Stašová, Olga; Mikula, Karol; Remešíková, Mariana; Peyriéras, Nadine; Rizzi, Barbara; Sarti, Alessandro
260-280 On the solution of linear algebraic systems arising from the semi–implicit DGFE discretization of the compressible Navier–Stokes equations.  Dolejší, Vít
281-293 Numerical simulation of suspension induced rheology.  Prignitz, Rodolphe; Bänsch, Eberhard
294-315 Generic implementation of finite element methods in the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE).  Bastian, Peter; Heimann, Felix; Marnach, Sven
316-327 Hybrid parallelization of an adaptive finite element code.  Voigt, Axel; Witkowski, Thomas
328-340 Div-curl lemma revisited: Applications in electromagnetism.  Slodička, Marián; Buša, Ján Jr.
341-360 All-at-once preconditioning in PDE-constrained optimization.  Rees, Tyrone; Stoll, Martin; Wathen, Andy
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