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$a$-Kasch space; almost $P$-space; basically disconnected; $C$-embedded; essential ideal; extremally disconnected; fixed ideal; free ideal; Kasch ring; $P$-space; pseudocompact space; Stone-Čech compactification; socle; realcompactification
If $X$ is a Tychonoff space, $C(X)$ its ring of real-valued continuous functions. In this paper, we study non-essential ideals in $C(X)$. Let $a$ be a infinite cardinal, then $X$ is called $a$-Kasch (resp. $\bar{a}$-Kasch) space if given any ideal (resp. $z$-ideal) $I$ with $\operatorname{gen}\,(I)<a$ then $I$ is a non-essential ideal. We show that $X$ is an $\aleph _0$-Kasch space if and only if $X$ is an almost $P$-space and $X$ is an $\aleph _1$-Kasch space if and only if $X$ is a pseudocompact and almost $P$-space. Let $C_F(X)$ denote the socle of $C(X)$. For a topological space $X$ with only a finite number of isolated points, we show that $X$ is an $a$-Kasch space if and only if $\frac{C(X)}{C_F(X)}$ is an $a$-Kasch ring.
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