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Issue 3,  Volume 52, 2011 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

317-339 Monotone measures with bad tangential behavior in the plane.  Černý, Robert; Kolář, Jan; Rokyta, Mirko
341-347 A multidimensional distribution sampling theorem.  Vieli, Francisco Javier González
349-357 On Boman's theorem on partial regularity of mappings.  Neelon, Tejinder S.
359-367 Characterization of power digraphs modulo $n$.  Ahmad, Uzma; Husnine, Syed
369-389 Uncountably many solutions of a system of third order nonlinear differential equations.  Liu, Min
391-401 On a parabolic integrodifferential equation of Barbashin type.  Pachpatte, B. G.
403-416 A note on coclones of topological spaces.  Barkhudaryan, Artur
417-426 Further remarks on KC and related spaces.  Bella, Angelo; Costantini, Camillo
427-433 On Manes' countably compact, countably tight, non-compact spaces.  Dabbs, James
435-444 Closed discrete subsets of separable spaces and relative versions of normality, countable paracompactness and property $(a)$.  Silva, Samuel Gomes da
445-461 The regular topology on $C(X)$.  Iberkleid, Wolf; Lafuente-Rodriguez, Ramiro; McGovern, Warren Wm.
463-471 On $\pi$-caliber and an application of Prikry's partial order.  Szymanski, Andrzej
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