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Issue 4,  Volume 52, 2011 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

473-484 Commutative subloop-free loops.  Beaudry, Martin; Marchand, Louis
485-500 Hom-Akivis algebras.  Issa, A. Nourou
501-505 Commutative zeropotent semigroups with few prime ideals.  Ježek, J.; Kepka, T.; Němec, P.
507-517 $C^1$-smoothness of Nemytskii operators on Sobolev-type spaces of periodic functions.  Kmit, I.
519-534 Manifold-valued generalized functions in full Colombeau spaces.  Kunzinger, Michael; Nigsch, Eduard
535-549 Hyperplane section ${\mathbb{O}\mathbb{P}}^2_0$ of the complex Cayley plane as the homogeneous space $\mathrm{F_4/P_4}$.  Pazourek, Karel; Tuček, Vít; Franek, Peter
551-559 More on $\kappa$-Ohio completeness.  Basile, D.
561-568 A game and its relation to netweight and D-spaces.  Gruenhage, Gary; Szeptycki, Paul
569-591 Disconnectedness properties of hyperspaces.  Hernández-Gutiérrez, Rodrigo; Tamariz-Mascarúa, Angel
593-610 Maximal free sequences in a Boolean algebra.  Monk, J. D.
611-622 A continuous operator extending fuzzy ultrametrics.  Stasyuk, I.; Tymchatyn, E. D.
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