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Issue 2,  Volume 61, 2011 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

289-308 Ideal version of Ramsey's theorem.  Filipów, Rafał; Mrożek, Nikodem; Recław, Ireneusz; Szuca, Piotr
309-322 Adjoint bi-continuous semigroups and semigroups on the space of measures.  Farkas, Bálint
323-328 Underlying Lie algebras of quadratic Novikov algebras.  Chen, Zhiqi
329-336 Approximation by $q$-Bernstein type operators.  Finta, Zoltán
337-358 The structure of digraphs associated with the congruence $x^k\equiv y \pmod n$.  Somer, Lawrence; Křížek, Michal
359-369 $n$-flat and $n$-FP-injective modules.  Yang, Xiaoyan; Liu, Zhongkui
371-381 Spectra of weighted composition operators on algebras of analytic functions on Banach spaces.  Yuan, Cheng; Zhou, Ze-Hua
383-388 Uniformly convex spaces, bead spaces, and equivalence conditions.  Pasicki, Lech
389-400 $L^\infty$ estimates of solution for $m$-Laplacian parabolic equation with a nonlocal term.  Hou, Pulun; Chen, Caisheng
401-417 Transferral of entailment in duality theory II: strong dualisability.  Gouveia, Maria João; Haviar, Miroslav
419-435 Curvature functionals for curves in the equi-affine plane.  Verpoort, Steven
437-459 A Pettis-type integral and applications to transition semigroups.  Kunze, Markus
461-481 Hall exponents of matrices, tournaments and their line digraphs.  Brualdi, Richard A.; Kiernan, Kathleen P.
483-493 Stanley decompositions and polarization.  Ahmad, Sarfraz
495-508 Continuous dependence on parameters of certain self-affine measures, and their singularity.  Ding, Daoxin
509-519 Idempotents and the multiplicative group of some totally bounded rings.  Salim, Mohamed A.; Tripe, Adela
521-530 On regular endomorphism rings of topological Abelian groups.  Abrudan, Horea Florian
531-539 The structure of the unit group of the group algebra $\mathbb {F}_{2^k}A_4$.  Gildea, Joe
541-549 Moments of vector measures and Pettis integrable functions.  Duchoň, Miloslav
551-563 Cyclicity of the adjoint of weighted composition operators on the Hilbert space of analytic functions.  Kamali, Zahra; Robati, Bahram Khani; Hedayatian, Karim
565-576 Existence of entire solutions of nonlinear difference equations.  Liu, Kai; Yang, Lianzhong; Liu, Xinling
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