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regulated function; regulated primitive integral; Banach space; Banach lattice; Banach algebra; Schwartz distribution; generalized function; distributional Denjoy integral; continuous primitive integral; Henstock-Kurzweil integral; primitive
Let $\mathcal B_c$ denote the real-valued functions continuous on the extended real line and vanishing at $-\infty $. Let $\mathcal B_r$ denote the functions that are left continuous, have a right limit at each point and vanish at $-\infty $. Define $\mathcal A^n_c$ to be the space of tempered distributions that are the $n$th distributional derivative of a unique function in $\mathcal B_c$. Similarly with $\mathcal A^n_r$ from $\mathcal B_r$. A type of integral is defined on distributions in $\mathcal A^n_c$ and $\mathcal A^n_r$. The multipliers are iterated integrals of functions of bounded variation. For each $n\in \mathbb N$, the spaces $\mathcal A^n_c$ and $\mathcal A^n_r$ are Banach spaces, Banach lattices and Banach algebras isometrically isomorphic to $\mathcal B_c$ and $\mathcal B_r$, respectively. Under the ordering in this lattice, if a distribution is integrable then its absolute value is integrable. The dual space is isometrically isomorphic to the functions of bounded variation. The space $\mathcal A_c^1$ is the completion of the $L^1$ functions in the Alexiewicz norm. The space $\mathcal A_r^1$ contains all finite signed Borel measures. Many of the usual properties of integrals hold: Hölder inequality, second mean value theorem, continuity in norm, linear change of variables, a convergence theorem.
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