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Issue 1,  Volume 62, 2012 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-27 Stochastic evolution equations driven by Liouville fractional Brownian motion.  Brzeźniak, Zdzisław; van Neerven, Jan; Salopek, Donna
29-38 The growth of Dirichlet series.  Gu, Zhendong; Sun, Daochun
39-57 Closed-form expression for Hankel determinants of the Narayana polynomials.  Petković, Marko D.; Barry, Paul; Rajković, Predrag
59-65 A note on the congruence ${np^k\choose mp^k} \equiv {n\choose m} \pmod {p^r}$.  Meštrović, Romeo
67-75 Almost sure asymptotic behaviour of the $r$-neighbourhood surface area of Brownian paths.  Honzl, Ondřej; Rataj, Jan
77-104 Integrals and Banach spaces for finite order distributions.  Talvila, Erik
105-110 Some results on the cofiniteness of local cohomology modules.  Laleh, Sohrab Sohrabi; Sadeghi, Mir Yousef; Mostaghim, Mahdi Hanifi
111-116 On the continuity of minimizers for quasilinear functionals.  Cruz-Uribe, David; Di Gironimo, Patrizia; D'Onofrio, Luigi
117-126 Spectral characterization of multicone graphs.  Wang, Jianfeng; Zhao, Haixing; Huang, Qiongxiang
127-137 Exponents for three-dimensional simultaneous Diophantine approximations.  Moshchevitin, Nikolay
139-154 On four-point boundary value problems for differential inclusions and differential equations with and without multivalued moving constraints.  Gomaa, Adel Mahmoud
155-168 The Laplacian spread of graphs.  You, Zhifu; Liu, BoLian
169-186 On linear operators strongly preserving invariants of Boolean matrices.  Chen, Yizhi; Zhao, Xianzhong
187-195 More examples of invariance under twisting.  Panaite, Florin
197-214 A note on topological groups and their remainders.  Peng, Liang-Xue; He, Yu-Feng
215-233 Ordering the non-starlike trees with large reverse Wiener indices.  Li, Shuxian; Zhou, Bo
235-242 Some remarks on Nagumo's theorem.  Mejstrik, Thomas
243-255 Controlled convergence theorems for Henstock-Kurzweil-Pettis integral on $m$-dimensional compact intervals.  Kaliaj, Sokol B.; Tato, Agron D.; Gumeni, Fatmir D.
257-264 Topological calculus for separating points from closed sets by maps.  Gutiérrez García, Javier; Kubiak, Tomasz
265-278 The symplectic Gram-Schmidt theorem and fundamental geometries for $\mathcal A$-modules.  Ntumba, Patrice P.
279-292 On the structure of the augmentation quotient group for some nonabelian 2-groups.  Nan, Jizhu; Zhao, Huifang
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