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Issue 5,  Volume 48, 2012 (Kybernetika)

825-844 A backward selection procedure for approximating a discrete probability distribution by decomposable models.  Malvestuto, Francesco M.
845-864 On solution sets of information inequalities.  Ay, Nihat; Wenzel, Walter
865-878 Bounds of the matrix eigenvalues and its exponential by Lyapunov equation.  Hu, Guang-Da; Mitsui, Taketomo
879-889 An iterative algorithm for testing solvability of max-min interval systems.  Myšková, Helena
890-906 Goffin's algorithm for zonotopes.  Černý, Michal
907-923 Full-Newton step infeasible interior-point algorithm for SDO problems.  Mansouri, Hossein
924-938 On an algorithm for testing T4 solvability of max-plus interval systems.  Myšková, Helena
939-957 Numerical solution of second order one-dimensional linear hyperbolic equation using trigonometric wavelets.  Jokar, Mahmood; Lakestani, Mehrdad
958-967 Chance constrained bottleneck transportation problem with preference of routes.  Ge, Yue; Chen, Minghao; Ishii, Hiroaki
968-976 On copulas that generalize semilinear copulas.  Fernández Sánchez, Juan; Úbeda-Flores, Manuel
977-987 Constructing families of symmetric dependence functions.  Wysocki, Włodzimierz
988-1006 On extremal dependence of block vectors.  Ferreira, Helena; Ferreira, Marta
1007-1026 Moment estimation methods for stationary spatial Cox processes - A comparison.  Dvořák, Jiří; Prokešová, Michaela
1027-1044 Nash Equilibria in a class of Markov stopping games.  Cavazos-Cadena, Rolando; Hernández-Hernández, Daniel
1045-1063 Bias correction on censored least squares regression models.  Orbe, Jesus; Núñez-Antón, Vicente
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