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Issue 1,  Volume 63, 2013 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-38 Two convergence theorems for Henstock-Kurzweil integrals and their applications to multiple trigonometric series.  Lee, Tuo-Yeong
39-46 Integer matrices related to Liouville's function.  Oon, Shea-Ming
47-63 On the energy and spectral properties of the he matrix of hexagonal systems.  Bhatti, Faqir M.; Das, Kinkar Ch.; Ahmed, Syed A.
65-71 Congruences for certain binomial sums.  Lee, Jung-Jo
73-90 Relations between $(\kappa,\tau)$-regular sets and star complements.  Anđelić, Milica; Cardoso, Domingos M.; Simić, Slobodan K.
91-105 Dichotomies for ${\bf C}_0(X)$ and ${\bf C}_b(X)$ spaces.  Głąb, Szymon; Strobin, Filip
107-113 Canonical characters on simple graphs.  Stojadinović, Tanja
115-141 Extending the applicability of Newton's method using nondiscrete induction.  Argyros, Ioannis K.; Hilout, Saïd
143-156 A generalization of the Auslander transpose and the generalized Gorenstein dimension.  Geng, Yuxian
157-164 A non-archimedean Dugundji extension theorem.  Kąkol, Jerzy; Kubzdela, Albert; Śliwa, Wiesław
165-175 On special types of semiholonomic $3$-jets.  Kolář, Ivan
177-190 Slant and pseudo-slant submanifolds in ${\rm LCS}$-manifolds.  Atçeken, Mehmet; Kumar Hui, Shyamal
191-204 Upper bounds for the domination subdivision and bondage numbers of graphs on topological surfaces.  Samodivkin, Vladimir
205-217 Products of non-$\sigma $-lower porous sets.  Rmoutil, Martin
219-234 $\sigma $-porosity is separably determined.  Cúth, Marek; Rmoutil, Martin
235-263 The Dirichlet boundary value problems for strongly singular higher-order nonlinear functional-differential equations.  Mukhigulashvili, Sulkhan
265-279 Oscillation of even order nonlinear delay dynamic equations on time scales.  Erbe, Lynn; Mert, Raziye; Peterson, Allan; Zafer, Ağacık
281-288 Two identities related to Dirichlet character of polynomials.  Yao, Weili; Zhang, Wenpeng
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